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Kim Tae-Hyun (Joo Won) is an excellent surgeon, but he is constantly harassed by debt collectors due to his younger sister.

His younger sister requires expensive kidney dialysis.

i think this drama was decent and yet somewhat unique in terms of plot... This drama had the potential to do more well but still it is passed.... This is one of the drama that u cant stop watching from ep 1. Gave it another go from the next episode and finished it by the next day!

Maybe even the writers were confused what to do at the end.... This show does not have a comedy track,any flab at all.

when this first aired i only watched epis 1 & i thought seeing KTH lying in that huge space-like scene was a turn off for me but the other day i thought of checking it out again since i miss Jung won and now i can't stop watching it & am almost done! i like their chemistry, KTH is such a beautiful & good actress and JW is just as superb since seeing him 1st time in Baker King! I was thinking how they are gonna fall in love and they suddenly started kissing....? Besides from few downsides like the sudden ending and all... I will give it 7.5/10 (Great casting no doubt from the main leads as well as supporting, good cinematography, splendid music...) I just finished watch this drama last night and dear god! And then I search Kim tae hee other drama and tried this one. I just in episode 7 now and there has no romance yet. I never like male lead before , but now I become his new fans. Started the drama but (like many of my fave dramas) didnt get the show on start and left it after watching 15-20 mins After a month while searching for some kpop music videos,came across the video "Nightmare" and was hooked to the song and the images.Overall i loved the drama, even tho i'm into Joo won right now i never watch dramas just because of hot actors. People who love revenge with some romance will like it.Main couple of course were brilliant, i love how natural they were around each other.Jo Hyun Jae is that actor that has always played the sweet baby faced hero prince in countless Korean dramas. Simply because Kim tae's mother death was due to Hashin group, Yeo jin cancer was having partial influence of Hashin group members and don't let us forget Kim will take the post. One thing I think should be noted is the ending of a script should have an element of clarity. The very first place I suspect that this movie will stir up me disliking it was when yeo jin betrayed her husband; well that part is very realistic thou, but I quite new that definitely ex-chairman wife was coming back for her own revenge too.Here, he is menacing, intelligent, cold, heartless, articulate and passionate. The scene of the dinner party is a standout scene for Jo Hyun Jae. Move over Jo In sung and Jung Woo Sung, here comes Jo Hyun Jae! I end up coming back to this drama every time "Nightmare" ,its haunting OST plays. Although he has a soft mind but on that floor (13th floor, the chairman post) u can be build to having a hardened mind and heart. And that was the point the movie is prolonged, it could have ended there. I thought Yeo-Jin is gonna die for sure with that Hill scene but thank god it was not like that.... Also I didn't like the character of Kim Tae-Hyun, why the hell did he left his wife's home? With all the possibilities in front of him, yet he choose to deny them all and leave... I know what she did was not good considering what her brother had done to her for 3 years, but if she had left her oppa (Do-Joon) alive, he might have attempted kill her again... Seriously, the guy needed psychiatric care more than anything...

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Not only the will to survive made she did what she did, Kim Tae Hee portrayed a character which is full of ambition, has been raised up in the high society and is accustomed to how rich people think and do very well. This drama is mind blowing and a real suspense, have a little bit of comedy and romance. I just hope that there is a another episode, like a what happened to the traitor and they will get married on church and they have a kid.